Soul Avenue

Date: 12/10/2018 Time: 21:30

Soul Avenue is a professional five piece function band from London playing the soul/funk/disco/rock hits of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s through to present day. SA is the perfect entertainment for any event, whether it’s your club, birthday, wedding or business affair… needing that extra flare! The band consists of professional musicians who have each gained a wealth of experience from every angle of the music industry. The story is as follows… Steve (keyboards, guitar, vocals) and Andy (guitar) grew up together playing in bands and writing music in the country towns of Sussex. The two studied music at the London College of Music creating highly proficient music skills where they met ‘Mr Funk’ Gary on bass. Andy went on to tour the UK as a duo with heartthrob soul vocalist Max Miller in the duo Bak to Bak playing just about every cabaret club en route. Andy’s guitar performance rocks the house in Soul Avenue. Honky tonk groover on the keyboards Steve plays a significant role in the band. Steve is one talented musician with his sly backing vocals, jazz piano background and a regular performer of his own piano concertos in local theatres. Billy (drums) grew up playing in the Kent Youth Jazz Orchestra and shortly became involved in various jazz/soul projects including the Zem Audu Quartet. Their very busy schedule of recording and performing, inluding a guest appearance from the prestigious Amy Winehouse, helped refine the driving force of the rhythm section that spells ‘F – U - N - K’. Raising the platform on the mic is the roaring RnB vocals from Annie-Grace, who can be compared to the likes of Joss Stone and Beyonce. Annie-Grace has performed throughout the UK with various soul bands on the circuit and has been featured on many a recording session. Hear her unique passionate sound in Soul Avenue. Now in full swing SA have played a number of events at such venues as Royal Ashdown Park Hotel, Sussex, Northcote House, Ascot and Temple Hall, London.

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