Beat By Beat

Date: 25/05/2018 Time: 21:30

The music is a Fusion between the rhythms of Latin and Funk Grooves playing popular modern Pop, classic Soul and R&B songs. The blend of acoustic instruments with the occasional electric solo adding another texture is what gives it a unique sound. Cuban Percussionist Jose-Luis “Chino” Martell-Morgan is a regular player at The Grey Lady playing with various bands such as Heads South but with Beat By Beat we see him with new percussion instruments which really gives him a chance to shine. Abigail Scott’s soulful vocals get a chance to breath and the subtleties of her voice thrive. Pete Murray’s acoustic groove playing and electric solo’s have come from playing in many different world music and Jazz funk projects and this experience makes the perfect bridge between Abigail’s vocals and Chino’s masterful command of Latin Rhythms.

Musicians playing at this event

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14 February