Count Bouncy & The Boho Must Troop

Date: 13/10/2017 Time: 21:30

New band at The Grey Lady!

Chris Piper and Beatrice Gullick are the duo behind the optimistic and bubbly Count Bouncy and The Boho Muso Troop. Chris is an inspired and original singer song writer whose contemporary lyrics about the uncomfortable and pleasurable aspects of our everyday lives create amusement and depth of understanding for those who listen to the peotry of his lyrics. Their forte is in creating accessible and punchy Jazz inspired rhythms to hang their entertaining and moving lyrics.

Having regularly performed for over a couple of decades on the Southern cuircuits, functions and events and the festival scene, the Bounce is back with his Troop at The Grey Lady. Bringing with them their original sound and adding some classic standards for that little bit of nostalgia. Sing alongs guaranteed.

Accompanied by drummer and percussionist Zinga Rabhi, of 'The Volaire Trio', and joined by Jim Vanstone on guitar, an accomplished jazz guitarist, having sessioned on numerous projects of the years. And of course Beatrice Gullick on double bass, also a member of the popular 'Lucy and the Scamps' from Brighton.

A fresh touch and a hint of classic formats for their upbeat songs with a shuffle make them supremely listenable, inventive and fun and it’s easy to forget that these guys are accomplished musicians who offer carefully crafted harmonies and deceptively simple melodies to create intimate and entertaining music.

Musicians playing at this event

Count Bouncy & The Boho Muso Troop (Click here to see more information about Count Bouncy & The Boho Muso Troop)


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