Revered Singer/Guitarist Steve Spall & The Violet Jive offer up a voluptuous tiki style cocktail of sounds from 50’s Swing and Rock ‘n’Roll to Hot Latin/Salsa Rhythms and beyond. The line up includes Paulo Beeching on Double Bass and Matt Wilson on Drums. Additional players Gary Barnacle (T.Sax) and Zinga Rabhi (Percussion) join the band on select nights (See additional listings for more details). A definite favourite here at The Grey Lady Music Lounge, combining lots of danceable fun with great playing and a vibrant sound both fresh and retro!

"...these musicians have mastered the art of the irresistible toe-tap and their songs transport you somewhere hot and wanton within the first few bars” -SO Tunbridge Wells magazine,

THE VIOLET JIVE at the Grey Lady

THE VIOLET JIVE is playing at the Grey Lady on the below dates. Click on the date for more info.

Event NameEvent Date
The Violet Jive 14/06/2013
Encounters at the Grey Lady 20/09/2013
The Violet Jive 17/01/2014
the violet jive 03/02/2017
The Violet Jive 12/05/2017
The Violet Jive 22/12/2017


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