Paul Dunton & Guests presents a superb series of candlelit showcases of the local area finest soloists and acoustic bands. With four acts on the bill at each show representing a multitude of musical styles and genres, audiences are treated to an exceptional night of local music culture, songwriting and musicianship.

PAUL DUNTON & GUESTS at the Grey Lady

PAUL DUNTON & GUESTS is playing at the Grey Lady on the below dates. Click on the date for more info.

Event NameEvent Date
Boxing Day 26/12/2014
10 Years 07/08/2015
Special 10 Years 06/08/2015
Local & Live Special 24/03/2017
P.Dunton Special 07/12/2017
P.Dunton Special 18/12/2017
Boxing Day 26/12/2017
Paul Dunton Special 05/01/2018
Paul Dunton Special 28/12/2017
Paul Dunton Special 29/12/2017
Paul Dunton Special 30/12/2017
P Dunton & Guests 19/12/2017
P.Dunton & Guests 20/12/2017


14 February